Still life with blue pot, continued.


An update, with some adjustments made. The painting is coming closer to the subject now. The light feels more natural, and the color is glaring less, although it still is slightly over saturated, but this should disappear as the work progresses. The scarf and smaller objects need some attention so they will be completed. When I have done this, after a few days, most likely, I can start focusing on the minor details.

Still life with blue pot



Currently on my easel, a still life arranged in the studio. This piece has already passed the drawing and block in stage. The unfinished white pot and slim vase to the rear display the initial drawing done with a thin layer of brown oil paint. The bulk of the set up has been colour matched, and the tonal structure is found.

I will be heading into the finer details of each object next. The textures are uniform, further analysis will bring a sense of tactility to the surfaces.

The dimensions are 30 x 60″, a very wide panel, the set up lacks somewhat at the edges but I quite like the empty space. It is an interesting format to work in, and I’ll surely keep that space in mind for my next set up.



Thanks for joining me!

Painting is a long process and for the benefit of both myself and any interested parties I would like to show not just the finished product but what occurs in between, concept to completion. This blog site will act as a record of my work and of my painting activities. I will be posting progress of paintings as they develop, with the aim of giving some insight and reflection on the stages towards a finished piece.

I am lucky to have a studio, with beautiful north light and some time to create new paintings of my own conception. Still life is often seen as one of the less interesting genres of fine art, for me it is my main focus and to work from life is a key part of my process, so the format is perfect.

As a contrast to my own work and also a to fulfill my long held fascination with the works of the past masters, I would like to undergo the task of creating a few master copies, from the classical period. These may be of other genres in art and you may see one posted in the near future.

Feel free to comment, ideas reflections, questions, I will be listening, and head to the contact page if you have any further enquires about my work.